Kevin Shaun Eaton

Season 1 – Episode 7

We are so quick to call people names…..but do we know what that person is going through at the exact moment? We connect with an ER paramedic and find out what he has gone through just to be there to serve you.

Today we meet Kevin Shaun Eaton, a South African paramedic and we find out more about a fatal rock throwing through a windscreen that tragically took the life of two young children and changed Kevin’s life forever. We explore with him the dark side of PTSD and how he had thoughts of ending his own life.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS PODCAST HAS A DOUBLE TRIGGER WARNING. If you are sensitive to the pain of others then we advise that you perhaps not listen to this story. is proud to be the media partner to Tales from my stethoscope. Please follow their page on Facebook.

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Episode 7